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Image by Augustine Wong

Behind the Lens

meet the photographer


About Sanya


Ever since I can remember, I have LOVED taking pictures. When I got my first camera it went everywhere with me. By the end of high school I had accumulated over 30,000 photos -- so many memories to look back on. 


I want to capture those memories for you! 

I grew up in eastern Pennsylvania, moved to Northern VA to follow my passion for teaching and technology and now find myself back in the Lehigh Valley. I spend my days working as an instructional designer and spend as much free time as possible behind the lens of my camera. 


Cora and Finn are the main loves of my life. Finn is my 10 year old shih tzu and he has snuggled his way into my heart (and bed) since 2013. He has been my muse for many years. Cora is the newest member of my family giving me a new hat to wear, Mom. She is my new photography obsession and has many years of that ahead of her! 

In the five years that I have been pursuing photography as a serious hobby, the relationships that I have built with each one of my amazing clients have been the biggest reward. I feel incredibly grateful to be welcomed into my clients lives and share in their special memories. 


I specialize in portrait photography and shoot in a light and airy style.

Can't wait to hear from you soon!

Sanya C

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