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Image by Augustine Wong


You've read all the details, but you still have questions.  Oh, I like you!  Questions are really great, and they insure that we are on the same page before your session takes place. 


About Your Session

Where will my session be held?

I am a natural light, on location photographer. Together, we can agree on the perfect spot for your family shoot, however I do have a few locations that I like to recommend. I serve the Lehigh Valley area. I absolutely welcome photo sessions from outside of this radius, however locations further than 20 miles from zip code 18020 will be charged a travel fee of up to $50.

What time will my session by scheduled?

Since photography isn't my full time job (hopefully one day!), I limit my sessions to evenings after 4:30pm on weekdays or weekends. Outdoor sessions generally take place either an hour or two after sunrise or an hour before sunset to ensure we have the most beautiful light. Indoor sessions take place morning or afternoon when we have the best indoor natural light.

What will my session be like?

My sessions are fun, laid back, and very relaxed. I love to play games, chase, run, and sometimes get a little dirty. I do pose my families, but in a very natural way while giving you gentle prompts to help get those natural reactions and emotions to come out. I am a hands on person, and I “get in there,” guiding your family into the most attractive positions. If your kids are having a tough time, its okay, they are kids! I am adaptable, and we will find ways to get beautiful photos that you will love!

How and when will I get my digital photos after my shoot?

Most often you will receive a sneak peek of your images texted to you or posted to the SanyaCPhotograpy instagram account within 2 days of your session. Your full gallery will be available within 1-2 weeks.

I offer a simple, all inclusive collection where you receive the high resolution digital files delivered via a private online Dropbox album. From the album, you can download your images, back them up to your devices, and print whenever you like! You will have one month to download your images from the album, after which, the gallery will be archived and no longer accessible. If you did not download your images in time, your gallery can be reactivated for a fee.

What happens if it rains on the day of our outdoor session?

In the event of bad weather during a scheduled outdoor session we will try to reschedule for a different date (I build weather days into my shooting schedule). I will be in contact with you the week of your session if bad weather is likely and we can play it by ear if a reschedule is necessary.


I have the cutest dog ever. Can I bring them to our session?

ABSOLUTELY. Pets are encouraged at every single session. I always recommend having a friend come that can keep your dog busy when we are done with them. 

What if I need to reschedule?

I completely understand that people get sick and emergencies can happen at any time. I appreciate 24 hours notice if possible if you need to reschedule and I will happily find another time for us. I have an infant at home and cannot risk passing anything on to her. If you are feeling sick in any capacity please call/email/text me so we can reschedule.

How far in advance should I book my session?

The earlier the better! I do book up quickly, so 3-4 weeks in advance during the busy season is ideal. Once in awhile I have an opening sooner than that, so it never hurts to ask... but I always recommend planning ahead to secure the date you want.

Preparing for your Session

Come ready to enjoy yourself! My sessions are fun, laid back, and very relaxed. Bring any props you would like to use and blankets if you want sitting poses. Bug spray during the summer months is always good to have. Snacks and drinks are a must have when working with kids. I know they get tired and hungry or just need a little break so it's helpful to have something on hand. 

What should we wear?

- Coordinate, rather than match. Start with one outfit you love and build the rest of the look from there. Pull colors from your inspiration piece or find other colors that compliment it and are in the same color intensity. For example, all medium shades, or all soft neutrals.

- Stay away from bright neons - they don’t photograph well. And if possible, avoid stark white, and go for cream, instead. My style of editing leans toward light colors and pastels. 

- Dress for the setting. In a field, I love casual, cozy looks in either cream and gray, or everyone in medium shades, or deep, rich, shades. For an urban setting, try soft creams, grays and tans, a solid, neutral tank... It is important to have everyone in the same color intensity so that the overall look flows together.

- Layers for everyone. Layers add depth, interest, and color (as long as we don’t overdo it). Belts, vests, cardigans, scarves, necklaces, jackets, hats...

-Wear what feels good! Maxi dresses look good on nearly every woman, as do a good fitting pant. Make sure you dress everyone in clothing that fits well. You really don’t need to buy things with “room to grow” - in fact, a little smaller is better than a little too big. Clothing that is baggy does not make people look good in pictures, but a well-fitting or even slightly small (but not skin-tight) piece will skim the body and be much more flattering.

Color Palate Options:


I love the simplicity of neutral (non) colors like cream, gray, and tan, especially in a warm field or in the studio.  The lack of bold color really brings the eye to the subjects - their emotions, expressions, and connections.


Again, keeping everything in the same color intensity keeps your whole look cohesive.  A pastel color scheme evokes softness and sweetness.

Complementary colors and analogous colors

If you are a huge color nerd like I am, you probably love the color wheel, too!   Complementary colors are colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel, like blue and orange, green and red, and purple and yellow.  If we have a predictable color in our background, we can choose a complementary color to really make you and your family stand out!  Or you can work with complementary colors within your overall color scheme. Or both!

In-home lifestyle

I love the ultra-simple for an in-home lifestyle session.   A simple tank or cami leaving the arms bare conveys intimacy and closeness, which is perfect for a newborn session.   If you aren't comfortable going sleeveless, then a simple long-sleeved knit top would look perfect as well.  And neutral tones keep the visual clutter at bay and put the focus squarely on you and your loved ones.

When all else fails, go timeless!

Timeless looks like smocked dresses, cable-knit sweaters, and suspenders will always look good - just about anywhere. 

Outfit Ideas Courtesy of Katie Lamb

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